NEW Announcement from GGHP James H. Hodge:

"The 71st Triennial Convocation of the General Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons International will now be a virtual meeting."

It will be held on Saturday, November 21st at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Additional information and instruction will be provided in the near future.

There dwells in every Royal Arch Mason, the capacity to be greater than himself.  Your active membership in Capitular Masonry is testimony to this declaration.  Companions that continue their journey of illumination and distinction of service will find the art of learning and doing is a life-changing experience that can transform old patterns and behaviors to make them new again.  The mission and vision of the General Grand Chapter recognizes the responsibility of leadership to provide awareness, action, accountability, and opportunity that instills confidence and comprehension to companions everywhere.


It’s been written that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”, which should appeal to any Royal Arch Mason with a good sense for adventure, and yearning for a greater understanding of the traditional practices and ancient mysteries upon which we build our craft.

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An online shopping resource to help companions learn more about the history, symbolism and operation of Royal Arch Masonry, as well as a unique selection of merchandise to express personal pride in exaltation.  Chapters will also find a wide assortment of Royal Arch related merchandise available as promotional gifts, and as special order items to highlight a unique chapter brand.

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Advances a summary reference to the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, International with reference to the 2017 – 2020 Triennial General Grand Principal Officers, goals and objectives, operating budget, and governing constitution, and charitable ; as well as the fundamental Mission and Vision of Royal Arch Masonry.



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